What We Include


Face Painting

Face Painting


One of the fun activities that I include is face painting, which kids always find fun and memorable.


Children get to choose if they want painting on their cheek, full face or arm. I use the top of the line face paint available, which is FDA approved, and hypo-allergetic. The paint I use is easily removable with soap and water.


Examples of paintings are,

flowers, butterflies, hearts, super heros, animals, stars, letters etc....


Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks


Another fun activity that I include in the show is a mini-session of magic tricks that is about 15-20 minutes long.  I make it interactive, funny and entertaining and pick my assistants from the audience  so the kids feel special.


I do not use animals! I use fun tricks and kids comedy that is appropriate for all ages and that make the kids laugh and participate.  Kids always love it!



Basic Balloon Twisting

Basic Balloon Twisting


A favorite and definetely entertaining activity for kids is ballon using twisting specialty balloons that come in a variety of colors and are inflated and twisted into a specific shape.  You can select from differentcolors to go with your party theme  or get an assorted variety of colors.


Children love playing with their new sculpted balloons.


Some choices would be swords, hats, heart, flower, giraffe, puppy and more....  







We keep the kids happy and dancing with our traditional party music and favored songs that kids love to sing and clap and dance along .


So if you're happy and you know it clap your hands, do the hockey pockey and test your flexiblity with Limbo and more... Other songs I include are London bridge, Five Little Monkeys and Bingo..


For older children and adults, a more contemporary playlist is available upon request.


Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos


Temporary tattoos are always an attraction for kids and even adults.  They are fun to wear, temporary tattoos and are normally placed on the child's arm or hand and hand and may last for a few days.


Kids can choose from many designs such as hearts, flowers, dinosaurs, cars, butterflies, ladybugs and many more....
Easily removable with baby oil!





Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy


A great hit for the spring and summer months. Cotton candy is distributed to the kids to give them that last sweet boost as the party winds down.


Everyone always comments on how that just tops off the party for the kids and is the "sweet" thing to do!


Only available during the months of May through September.


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